January 7, 2021

Liberate Data Week — Join the Hackathon

2020 is over and Swarm is continuing with the strong pace that was set last year. The team is working relentlessly towards Swarm 1.0, which is set for release in Q2 this year, but before we get there, there is still a lot to happen.

Make sure you don’t miss the Liberate Data Week, a Fair Data Society organized event, that will run from 8–14 February 2021.

Please apply for the event here.

Reimagining the data economy by creating a fair, decentralized data layer

Those who are not yet familiar with the Fair data society initiative should check out their website, but in short, FDS is an ecosystem initiative working towards a self-sovereign data commons, guided by the community’s ethical principles.

As Swarm was once incubated in the Ethereum Foundation, Swarm is supporting Fair data society until it can stand on its own feet. Fair Data Society aims to connect the wider ecosystem and is technology-agnostic, connecting the “tech with social” while facilitating discussion around the ethical shared values of the ecosystem.

Get ready for some important announcements

Liberate Data Week is a hackathon packed with valuable announcements, talks, demos, and presentations. The programme is still being crafted, but from what is already known, each hackathon day will be dedicated to a specific topic, each relevant to the Fair Data economy.

You can expect many practical workshops that will demonstrate how to use Fair Data Society’s FairOS libraries and Fairdrive to build thin dApps on top of Swarm. A lot of focus will also be dedicated to Swarm incentives and tutorials on how to run your own Bee node.

Contribute your first thin dApp via Fairdrive

The goal of the event is for you to learn how to install and run your own Bee node, discuss fair data-related topics, and understand Swarm incentives and how you can benefit by plugging into the Swarm network in its early stages. The ultimate goal, though, is to bootstrap the use of Fairdrive as the go-to solution when developing thin dApps on Swarm and to build your first one at the event. A jury will vote for the best one and reward the winning team for their efforts. More hackathon rules and guidelines will be given at the start of the event.

Who is this event for?

Although this is promoted as a hackathon, this will be interesting to a wider audience than just developers and Swarm grant recipients. The topics discussed during the opening morning talks will give a comprehensive insight into Swarm and Fair Data Society related topics, and the practical Swarm Bee node workshops will present an opportunity for non-tech people to run and install their own nodes too. Everybody is welcome.

Programme and schedule will follow soon

Please follow our Twitter, Reddit, or simply sign up for the event to be notified about the programme and schedule.

See you at the event!

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