August 29, 2021

Swarm Summer School ’21 has come to an end

The first class of the Swarm Summer School has graduated. In the past week, speakers from all sides of project development have been conducting talks and workshops. Swarm Association congratulates every participant for investing their time in sharing their knowledge.

The organisers would like to thank Melanie Rieback, Alexis Roussel, Michiel de Jong, Elad Verbin, Eknir, Viktor Tron, Gregor Žavcer, Mustafa Mahmutovic, Fatemeh Fannizadeh, Silke Noa Elrifai, and Alexander Partin for their interesting lectures, helpful advice and for taking the time to educate the students. They enabled discussions about new governance and business models, coding paradigms, societal shifts, legislation and scaling opportunities. All that while remaining aware of what matters: data is personal and should be treated as such to maintain individual and societal freedom.

Swarm Association provides fertile ground for your project to grow and flourish upon to take on the challenges of the world, from both perspectives — the infrastructure one as well as the organisational one. To accomplish that, all pieces of the puzzle of assisting your project need to align. Swarm Summer School is one piece of this jigsaw, Swarm’s grant programme is another, and the hackathon will be the next. Stay tuned for more information, and make sure to not miss it!

You can find the recordings of the past week here.

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