August 21, 2021

Swarm Summer School Programme & Schedule


- the school starts on Monday, 23 August 2021 (each day from 15:00 to 18:00 CET) - each day has lectures and workshops - days are divided into topics (social, business, tech, legal, and demo day) - speakers from the Swarm team and outside Swarm Association - check the schedule and programme timetable at the end of the document

As you probably know, the Swarm Summer School is happening next week, starting on Monday 23 August 2021. This blog post will present the programme and schedule for the week, to illustrate the dynamics and what to expect.

Before we continue, please make sure you register for the event. You can do this here.

Days are divided into topics

As usual, Swarm Association has made sure to have interesting speakers from within and outside the organisation. The week is structured so that each day focuses on specific topics, all of them relevant to people who project on Swarm. Here are the topics:

  • Day 1 — Social
  • Day 2 — Business
  • Day 3 — Technology
  • Day 4 — Legal
  • Day 5 — Demo day

Fasten your seatbelt as we dive into the school days one by one and introduce the speakers and why you should be listening to their talks. Finally, the blog concludes with the exact schedule and programme timetable.

Day 1 — Monday, 23 August 2021 — Theme of the day: Social

15:00 CET — Alexis Roussel: On digital integrity

The day kicks off with Alexis Roussel, author on the right to Digital Integrity, and COO at the Nym Project (building the next generation of privacy infrastructure).

Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft … the names of the giants of the Web are often mentioned in the media in connection with scandals related to the use of our personal data. But behind this famous GAFAM acronym hides a much more complex reality: the economy of personal data is not limited to these major players so often criticised. Other companies, and especially those in the States, are becoming increasingly interested in it.

Alexis will explain why it is crucial that dApp developers understand and take the digital integrity of the human person into account when building unstoppable projects.

15:30 CET — Dr. Melanie Rieback: New cooperative models

The day continues with Dr. Melanie Rieback, CEO/Co-founder of Radically Open Security (the world’s first not-for-profit computer security company), and “Post Growth” startup incubator Nonprofit Ventures. She is also a former Assistant Professor of Computer Science at the Free University of Amsterdam. She was named “Most Innovative IT Leader of the Netherlands” by CIO Magazine (TIM Award) in 2017, and one of the “9 Most Innovative Women in the European Union” (EU Women Innovators Prize) in 2019. Her talk will be focused on new cooperative models and should be very interesting to everyone building a decentralised project.

16:30 CET: Workshop: Michiel de Jong — decentralised solutions

Learn directly from Michiel de Jong, founder of Ponder Source, co-founder of Federated Bookkeeping, the privacy awareness Terms of Service: Didn’t Read plugin, and a developer with extensive experience of data handling at Mozilla, the Solid project, and Ripple. Michiel will discuss how to build up your decentralised project with data awareness. This is a two-way communication workshop with room for questions.

Day 2 — Tuesday, 24 August 2021 — Theme of the day: Business

15:00 CET — Elad Verbin: The paradigm shifts of Web3

The first speaker of the day is Elad Verbin, a computer scientist living in Berlin. He has advised Swarm since the early days, and is co-founder of Lunar Ventures, a Berlin-based deep tech VC fund. He invests in pre-seed and seed European startups building horizontal algorithm-based global companies. Specifically, he has researched and invested in machine learning, cryptography, decentralised systems, databases, simulations, and more.

In his talk he will discuss the newly arisen opportunities for ventures with the ascent of distributed networks, the solutions built on top of these infrastructures, and the radical change in business models that go along with it.

16:00 CET — Workshop: Eknir: How to develop your tokenomics

IMPORTANT NOTICE It is essential that you watch Eknir’s talk at the EthCC Paris Conference 2021 before the workshop. You can watch it here:

Eknir is a former product owner and current researcher at Swarm. In this workshop, he will explain how incentives make or break a decentralised project. This is a deep dive, exclusive talk on the good, bad, and ugly of tokenomics. Use this opportunity to make your dApp work and discuss your ideas with Eknir and the rest of the attendees.

Day 3 — Wednesday, 25 August 2021 — Theme of the day: Tech

15:00 CET — Viktor Tron: Decentralised service networks

Viktor Tron is one of the founders of Swarm and a visionary chief architect. He is committed to the idea of a free voluntary society, has a keen interest in encryption, privacy, information security, decentralisation, cryptography, and believes in technology and innovation as a conduit for peaceful social change. As a long-time contributor to the open-source community, he advocates free software, open-source, open data, and open collaboration models. He is also the author of the Book of Swarm, a deep dive into Swarm’s technical architecture.

In his talk “Decentralised service networks”, he will explain the current state of Swarm, the future plans, and challenges.

16:00 CET — Gregor Žavcer: Grow your adoption through Fairdrive

Interoperability, privacy, data ownership, and digital integrity are the core values of Fairdrive, a tool that can be used in many ways and is especially useful for building on Swarm. Combined with the FairOS libraries, developers are able to use it to build thin dApps on Swarm with ease.

Make sure you attend the talk to get insights into how Swarm’s ecosystem efforts can help your project grow, why Fairdrive is the central tool to achieve it, and how you can benefit from it. The talk will be given by Gregor Žavcer, director of the Swarm Foundation. Gregor is also a firm believer that collaboration is essential for Web3 and can be a strong(er) force for positive social impact.

17:00 CET — Workshop by Mustafa Mahmutovic: Connect to Fairdrive

After you have learned from Gregor Žavcer the many uses of Fairdrive, it’s time to put your newly acquired skills into action. For this purpose, we have organised a workshop with Mustafa, who will teach you how to start using this wonderful tool in your project.

Mustafa is an experienced developer in the Fairdrive project, who can demonstrate the advantages of this new environment for your applications. This is a two-way communication workshop with room for questions.

Day 4 — Thursday, 26 August 2021 — Theme of the day: Legal

15:00 CET — Silke Noa Elrifai and Fatemeh Fannizadeh: Tips for crypto startups

Want to launch a decentralised project? Then come and learn about trends in managing crypto legal risks, by Silke Noa Elrifai and Fatemeh Fannizadeh.

Silke Noa Elrifai is a lawyer and coder specialising in all things crypto and blockchain. Fatemeh Fannizadeh works closely with the Swarm Foundation.

16:00 CET — Workshop: Alexander Partin: GDPR, data processing & protection

Privacy and data ownership are core values of Swarm. Projects who don’t take this into account are not only unaligned with the values of web 3.0 but will have trouble monetising their product if they don’t comply with the GDPR and personal data protection laws.

It is therefore essential to think about these issues from the beginning of developing your project. It is highly recommended to attend Alexander’s workshop, where he will address these topics in detail. Your application will be generating, processing, receiving and/or licensing data. As a founding team, what are the legal vectors you will need to take into account for each of these steps in your product?

Alexander Partin has a wealth of experience in supporting the development of IT solutions in the area of personal data protection. He is currently working at Midhub as legal support for the development of IT solutions in the area of personal data protection. He is also a major contributor to the Swarm enterprise whitepaper, covering the topics of privacy and regulation, the contents of which can also be found at the Swarm Enterprise Hub.

Day 5 — Friday, 27 August 2021: Theme of the day: Open Demo Day

15:00 CET — Swarm Summer School Participants & Swarm Grant Recipients Demos

This is the time reserved for showing off your project and ideas. If you want to present your idea and have it evaluated from the perspective of the Swarm team members and other guest speakers, please apply for a presentation. You can do so in the survey during the registration process for the Swarm Summer School.

Many projects are already building on Swarm and we will see a few of them presenting how far they have come. These are the projects that already have a Swarm grant for the work they are doing. If you are serious about building on Swarm, have a good idea for a project, and the team to pull this off, then hesitate not — apply for a Swarm grant yourself.

17:30 CET — Closing talk

The actual start of this talk depends on the number of demos and presentations. Swarm Association wants to keep this day open to as many projects as possible, after which the closing talk will take place.

Schedule and programme summary

Day 1 (Social)

  • 14:45 : Intro vibes by
  • 15:00 : Alexis Roussel, founder of Vie Numerique — Digital integrity
  • 15:30 : Melanie Rieback, founder Radically Open Security — New cooperative models
  • 16:30 : Workshop: Michiel de Jong — Building data-aware decentralised solutions

Day 2 (Business)

  • 14:45 : Intro vibes by
  • 15:00 : Elad Verbin, CEO of Lunar Ventures — The paradigm shifts of Web3
  • 16:00 : Workshop: Rinke Hendriksen, Product Owner at Swarm — How to develop your tokenomics

Day 3 (Tech)

  • 14:45 : Intro vibes by
  • 15:00 : Viktor Tron — Decentralised service networks
  • 16:00 : Gregor Žavcer — Grow your adoption through Fairdrive with demo
  • 17:00 : Workshop: Mustafa Mahmutovic — Connecting to Fairdrive

Day 4 (Legal)

  • 14:45 : Intro vibes by
  • 15:00 : Fatemeh Fannizadeh + Silke Elrifai — Legal tips for crypto startups
  • 16:00 : Workshop: Alexander Partin — GDPR, data processing & protection

Day 5 — Demo Day

  • 14:45 : Intro vibes by
  • 15:00 : Summer School participant demos
  • 16:30 : Grantees demos
  • 17:30 : Closing talk and prizes

See you at the Swarm Summer School! Swarm Team

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