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Swarm Development updates

Swarm Tools Overview and Updates

The Bee client is a powerful piece of software which has been developed to realise the vision of unstoppable decentralised Web3 storage described in the Swarm Whitepaper and The Book of Swarm. Alongside the development of the Bee client is an ecosystem of tools and apps which are being developed to make it easier for developers and content creators to work with Bee.

Sep 26

Bee v1.17.4 Pre-release Notice

The 1.17.4 update will be going live later this week. As this release will introduce breaking changes at the protocol level, it is important to update your nodes as soon as possible, so please be on the lookout for the release announcement and ready to update your nodes later this week.

Sep 19

State of the Network: August

This report provides an in-depth overview of the state of storage incentives on the Ethswarm network for the month of August. Detailed below are insights into monthly rewards in BZZ tokens, single node monthly earnings, median win values, average win values, monthly unique staking nodes, and the geographic distribution of nodes.

Sep 13

Monthly Development Update – August 2023

In the past month, the Swarm ecosystem has seen some significant developments. The Bee Track team released the much anticipated localstore rewrite and has already ironed out some of the notable issues in version 1.17.3. Meanwhile, anticipation builds for the release of Phase 4 items and the price oracle, both set to further enhance the storage incentive system.

Sep 5

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