December 16, 2021

It’s coming! Don’t miss the Gather, Swarm! event.

Don’t forget to RSVP to the event!

  • When: 21 December 2021 at 18:00 CET
  • Where: RSVP to receive your link to the virtual world

Click here to RSVP to the event!

Meet the Swarm team in the metaverse

The Gather, Swarm! event is only a few days away. The Swarm team will be moving beyond the boundaries of the usual Zoom calls, taking the gathering into the virtual world. Exploration, Easter eggs, interactivity and more await you!

Expect exciting announcements and reveals

The programme has been carefully prepared to be as punchy as possible and to keep you engaged. Be among the first to learn about the ecosystem and technical roadmaps; expect fun demos and important announcements.

Please use this link to RSVP to the event! Click here.

Mingle & party with the Swarm team!

After the official part is done, explore the venue, mingle, chat or share ideas directly with the team and other participants or just enjoy yourself.

See you at the event! The Swarm team

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