May 5, 2023

Monthly Development Update – April 2023

In April, the Bee Track laid out the blueprint for the upcoming releases of the Bee client to fix the issues uncovered in their investigation. The localstore rewrite project is in its final phase before testing, which is expected to begin in the coming weeks. The Bee Track team are also working on the requirements that nodes must meet in order to participate in the storage incentives game.

During this time, the Research Track has refined its statistics and information gathering and is now working on improving security and multisig procedures.

The JS Track released a new Swarm Desktop version and is preparing for the latest bee-js 6.0.0 release.

The entire Fair Data Protocol stack underwent some important changes as well, including a batch of changes to the Fairdrive Web App, the launch of the Fair Portal and a new release of the Blossom browser extension that fixes several issues and adds new functionality.

Shifting to the community side, the Bee installation section is now more user-friendly, and an accompanying blog explaining how to easily run a Bee node for testing and development is available on the official Swarm blog. There are also a couple of active bounties still in progress (here & here).

Mark 21 June on your calendar, because that’s when the Swarm Foundation will hold the three-day Swarm Virtual Summit. If you are using Swarm to power your project, submit a paper and present your work with a talk. More details will be revealed at the next Swarm Community Call on 25 May, so make sure to join. In the meantime, you can keep yourself busy with Daniel A. Nagy’s presentation from Ethereum Zürich, titled “Storage Incentives in the Swarm Network”.


Bee Track

  • There was the 1.15 release which tackled some of the known optimisations we identified after our investigation into the network’s health and retrieval in the previous week. This has resulted in a 0% error rate currently, with >83% of the network size on the new version.
  • The localstore rewrite has its last few PRs drafted and is currently being tested in a suitable environment. We also now have a larger scale 1000 node private testing environment for better insight into its behaviour.
  • The requirements for nodes and the storage incentives have been identified.

Research Track

  • Improving our statistics outlook and information, including that of the skipped rounds and frozen nodes reasoning.
  • The Storage Incentives paper has been completed and shared with the community on Discord and close peers, and we are in the process of receiving critical feedback.
  • Phase 4 testing environment and claim phase logic involved in this.
  • Upgraded security and multisig implementation are complete; reviews and additions pending.

JS Track


Fairdrive Web App

Fair Portal

  • Fair Portal frontend was released, which is a catalogue of apps that use FDP protocol and are aligned with Fair Data Principles. Developers can submit and add their apps.



Fairdrive Desktop App

Finished bounties:

Other updates

DevOps Track

  • Deployed Bee to the mainnet (v1.14.1).
  • Released the Beekeeper (v0.12.1).


Ethereum Zürich

Docs update

Educational content

Swarm Community Call

  • Swarm Community Call, our main monthly online event, was held on 27 April.

Apps: Etherjot

  • Etherjot allows you to effortlessly create a blog on Swarm. In the latest release, support for importing existing Jekyll or Hugo blogs has been added.

Upcoming events

  • Swarm Community Call – our main monthly online event, will take place on 25 May at 17:00 CET in the Swarm Foundation Discord (add to calendar). Meanwhile, you are welcome to send any questions you might have for the teams building the Swarm network by using this online form for them to be addressed on the call.
  • Swarm Virtual Summit - Call for Papers - Mark 21 June on your calendar, because that’s when the Swarm Foundation will hold the three-day Swarm Virtual Summit. More details will be revealed at the next Swarm Community Call on 25 May, so make sure to join.
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