November 6, 2023

State of the Network: October

Data Considerations

  • In order to improve the accuracy and relevance of network metrics, we have updated our data reporting methodology to include both nodes which have won and also those which have not won within each month.
  • “Active staking nodes” are defined as nodes which have submitted at least one commit transaction within the month in question. Nodes which are staked but have not submitted a commit transaction within the month are not counted as active.

Network Total Monthly Rewards

This metric shows the total rewards paid out across the entire network for each month.

Month Total Network Rewards (xBZZ)
May 21423
June 26655
July 34839
August 135927
September 147825
October 152868


In October, the Swarm network distributed a total of 152,868 xBZZ in rewards, marking the highest monthly payout within the six-month period. This significant reward amount in October underscores a robust growth in network activity and engagement.

Monthly Average Win Values

This metric is the average win amount for each win event.

Month Average Win Values (xBZZ)
May 8.29
June 10.14
July 12.07
August 41.45
September 46.52
October 62.09


For October, the average win value reached 62.09 xBZZ, the highest in the observed period. This peak in October indicates a substantial increase in the value of individual win events, reflecting an increase in network activity.

Monthly Median Win Values

This metric is the median win amount for each win event.

Month Median Win Values (xBZZ)
May 6.40
June 8.29
July 9.63
August 43.97
September 44.62
October 46.84


The median win value in October was 46.84, also the highest in the six-month timeline. This suggests that the typical win value for nodes has grown considerably, aligning with the overall upward trend in network usage.

Active Staking Node Monthly Average Earnings

This metric shows the average monthly earnings for an active staking node, with active staking node defined as a staked node which has submitted at least one commit transaction within the month, regardless of whether or not they have won a reward in that month.

Month Avg Total Earnings per Node (xBZZ)
May 8.47
June 10.73
July 13.11
August 31.11
September 32.31
October 14.73


(Note that this metric is lower across all months than in previous reports as we have retroactively included active staking nodes which did not win within each month.)

In October, the average earnings per active staking node dipped to 14.73 xBZZ. Although this is a significant decrease from September, when taken in light of the higher average win values per win event, it is evidence of an increasingly competitive network environment driven by the influx of new staking nodes rather than of a drop in network activity.

Total Active Staking Nodes by Month

This metric shows the total active staking nodes by month

Month Total Active Staking Nodes
May 2526
June 2482
July 2657
August 4368
September 4574
October 10367


October saw a remarkable increase in active staking nodes, totaling 10,367. This number is significantly higher than any previous month, highlighting a surge in network participation and interest in the Swarm ecosystem.

Total Active Nodes by Month

This metric shows the total number of nodes which are connectable each month, including both active staking nodes, inactive staking nodes (nodes which have staked but have not submitted a commit transaction within the month), and non-staking nodes.

Month Total Active Nodes
May 4352
June 4002
July 4221
August 4554
September 5107
October 16424


The total active nodes in October reached 16,424, the highest in the six-month span. This substantial growth in active nodes, especially staking nodes, signifies a considerable expansion of the network’s reach and activity.

Total Winning Nodes by Month

This metric shows the total number of active staking nodes which have won at least once within the month.

Month Total Winning Nodes
May 1443
June 1415
July 1541
August 1993
September 2125
October 2462


In October, 2,462 active staking nodes won at least once, the highest monthly count observed.

Total Active Staking Nodes by Country

This metric shows the total number of active staking nodes across the four top countries as well as all other countries aggregated into the “Other” category, along with all the remaining nodes in the “Other” category.

China Germany Finland Unknown United States Other
May 1128 390 613 214 6 176
June 1062 409 609 230 9 163
July 1172 445 630 224 7 179
August 855 1481 1611 267 7 147
September 574 2046 1607 217 8 123
October 6242 2042 1543 175 282 91

Total Staking Nodes by Country(4).png

October witnessed a dramatic increase in active staking nodes from China, totaling 6,242, alongside significant numbers from Germany and Finland. This shift underscores the continuing expansion in the network’s geographical diversity and participation, particularly highlighting the growing interest and involvement in the Swarm network from the Chinese region.


Over the last six months, the Swarm network has shown substantial growth and increased activity. This is evident from the rising total monthly rewards, average and median win values, and the average earnings per active staking node. The number of active nodes, both staking and non-staking, has significantly increased, with a notable rise in active staking nodes, especially from countries like China, Germany, and Finland. The data indicates not only a growing interest in the Swarm network but also an evolving ecosystem with increasing rewards and participation, reflecting its expanding global footprint and the potential for decentralized storage solutions.

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