October 20, 2023

Grants FAQs

As the grant program expands, welcoming new projects with each wave, here’s a list of FAQs to assist in navigating the program. From applying for a grant to the payout date, find the information you need below.

I. Application & Submission Process

Q1: Is there a template or portal available for grant submissions? 

A: There isn’t a one-size-fits-all template as the questionnaire might vary, but the questions generally revolve around grant milestone description, motivation for grant, budget, and community engagement. You can apply here.

Q2: How should a large project worth over $10,000 be described and submitted? 

A: Describe the project as a whole and divide it into logical milestones. Each grant is a milestone of 10,000$. You can discuss your project’s milestones within the community on Discord for suggestions and feedback. Also, please note that you will need to apply for subsequent milestones.

Q3: Where should the corrected or amended applications be sent? 

A: Corrected or amended applications can be resubmitted through the appropriate channels, as highlighted in our guidelines.

II. Communication & Feedback

Q4: Can we receive feedback on our submissions before officially submitting them? 

A: Due to a high volume of requests, the grant team cannot provide individual feedback. However, you’re encouraged to seek community feedback on our Discord channel.

Q5: How can we get feedback or clarifications on our proposals? 

A: Due to a high volume of requests, the grant team cannot provide individual feedback. However, feedback or clarifications on proposals can only be received through community support on our Discord channel.

Q6: Can we establish direct and efficient communication channels for technical discussions? 

A: All communication must be conducted on the public Discord channel. This policy is in place to ensure that solutions and information shared can benefit everyone and that you might find answers to your questions from previous discussions.

III. Project Support & Funding

Q7: What kind of projects does the Swarm Foundation support? 

A: We primarily offer financial support for projects related to the Swarm network and its adoption.

Q8: Are there any restrictions on the use of grant funds? 

A: Yes, grant funds should be utilised as per the stipulated guidelines and focusing primarily on the approved milestones. Any deviations can lead to a reassessment of the grant agreement.

Q9: Can a project receive additional funding if the scope of work expands during implementation? 

A: If the scope of work expands, applicants can apply for another subsequent grant to cover the additional requirements.

IV. Assessment & Review Process

Q10: What happens if a project does not meet the milestones outlined in the grant agreement? 

A: If a project fails to meet the outlined milestones, the payment corresponding to those milestones will not be disbursed.

Q11: How long does the review process typically take? 

A: The review process timeline can vary, but we aim to provide initial feedback or decisions within 4-6 weeks from the submission date.

Q12: Can rejected applications be resubmitted? 

A: Yes, rejected applications can be revised and resubmitted in subsequent grant cycles; however, specific feedback on the reasons for rejection may not be provided.

V. Milestones & Reporting

Q13: How important is it to define project milestones in the agreement? 

A: It’s crucial to define clear project milestones in the agreement as they should reflect how the project would utilize Swarm. They are pivotal for the progression of the project and subsequent agreements.

Q14: How can applicants track the progress of their submission? 

A: We will reach out to you regarding the progress of your submission. Please note, this might take up to 4-6 weeks.

Q15: Are there any reporting requirements for grantees? 

A: Grantees are only required to complete everything detailed in the milestones. There is no additional reporting requirement beyond completion and verification of the agreed-upon milestones.

VI. Eligibility & Application Limits

Q16: How can applicants determine if their project aligns with Swarm Foundation’s objectives?

A: Applicants can refer to our credo stated on our website or discuss their projects on our Discord channel to gauge alignment and receive feedback from the community.

Q17: Is there a limit to the number of applications an individual or organization can submit? 

A: There is no limit to the number of applications an individual or organisation can submit.

VII. Ideas & Community Engagement

Q18: Can we share our project ideas on Discord? 

A: Absolutely, sharing your idea on Discord is encouraged. It opens up your project to diverse opinions, and it remains your project. To secure your project, it is recommended to start with a White Paper (WP).

Q19: What is the deadline for grant submissions? 

A: Once an agreement is in place, it is valid for a period of 12 months. For submission deadlines and other important dates, please refer to our grant timeline.

Note: For any more queries or clarifications, please participate in our Discord channel for community discussions or refer to our detailed guidelines available on our website.

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