December 21, 2023

Swarm Foundation unveils collaboration with Polygon Village

In an exciting turning point, the Swarm Foundation unveils a stepping stone collaboration with Polygon Village, the force in blockchain scalability and interoperability. This collaboration is set to catalyse the growth of both ecosystems, underscoring Polygon Lab’s remarkable contributions to the blockchain world, and remarking on Swarm Network’s role in the World Computer.

The Polygon Village-Swarm Foundation collaboration will take place over different steps. The first three steps of the collaboration to unveil today are around ecosystem efforts, project mentorship, and joint activities with the European Space Agency.

Joining ecosystems

The first step is a convergence of innovative projects under the umbrella of the Swarm 2.0 Grant Wave & Data Sponsorship program and access to the Polygon Village Voucher program.

The Polygon Village Vouchers are offered to projects participating in the Polygon Village programme from various service partners to use their services.

The Swarm Foundation Grant programme aims to onboard promising projects to the Swarm Network. Commencing on 21 December 2023, the Swarm Foundation will launch its new grant wave, committing 300,000 BZZ to bridging the gap between ecosystems. Moreover, the Swarm Foundation just launched the Data Sponsorship upload, a programme to subsidise data uploads from public good projects.

The Swarm Foundation Grant & Data Sponsorship initiatives will participate in the Polygon Village Voucher programme, emphasising the importance for a fully decentralised storage and messaging system, consistently with Polygon Village commitment to Web3. This joint effort will be fruitful for Polygon’s ecosystem members, who will be able to explore a full Web3 stack, including censorship-resistant & privacy-preserving storage and messaging.

Mentorship announcement

In the spirit of collaboration and strengthening ties between Polygon and the Swarm Foundation, Gregor Žavcer, Director of the Swarm Foundation and one of the prominent figures at the crossroad of Web3, AI and the data economy, and Costanza Gallo, Head of Partnership at the Swarm Foundation and censorship resistance hacktivist, will join the exclusive ranks of Polygon Village Mentors, which includes notable figures like David Phelps, and Rebecca Rettig.

Contributing to the “Decentralise Earth Observation” manifesto!

Further committing to the shared vision between the Swarm Foundation and Polygon Village, Marco Grendel joined the team of experts curated by the Swarm Foundation to draft with the European Space Agency a joint manifesto on the convergence between AI, Web3 and Earth Observation. The manifesto outlines a roadmap of activities to bring Web3 and AI to space, and will be published on 21 December 2023. Other members of the working group include: Muhammed Tanrıkulu from ENS Labs, Elad Verbin, Founding Partner at Lunar Ventures, Nicolas Longepe, EO Data Scientist at the European Space Agency and Sabrina Ricci, AI Ecosystem Manager at the European Space Agency.

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