December 16, 2021

Swarm airdrop is finishing on 21 June 2021 — Important notice to all participants

The airdrop is coming to an end. And what a ride it has been. Since the announcement of the airdrop, the Swarm network has grown from 200 Bee nodes to hundreds of thousands of Bees all over the globe.

Many wonderful people have joined the Swarm community and contributed greatly to the quality of the Swarm software, community and documentation. To each of you: thanks!

The end of the airdrop marks the start of a new journey; please join the mainnet or continue operating nodes on the testnet, thereby contributing to Swarm’s mission to empower digital freedom.

If you have any questions with regards to the timeline below, be sure to reach out on Discord, in the #airdrop-riseofbee channel.

Airdrop timeline

All steps are time-sensitive and expire on said date, at 23:59 CET. Beware: if you miss a deadline, you won’t be able to proceed to the next step.

21 June 2021

End of the Airdrop campaign. Trusted nodes will be shut down and stop handing out cheques.

21 June — 12 July 2021

What happens: Everyone who operated Bee nodes cashes out all their cheques.

Why should I care: If you have received cheques from a Trusted node and do not cash them out, you won’t be eligible for the airdrop.

What do I need to do: everybody should cash out all their cheques before 12 July. You will find out if you are eligible for the airdrop as of 15 July 2021.

15 July 2021

What happens: The Swarm Foundation will announce the list of trusted nodes. It then will deploy the aBZZ token (airdrop BZZ) on Goerli and launch an application to interact with this token at The terms and conditions of the airdrop will also be available on this webpage.

Why do I care: on this dApp, you will be able to see if you are eligible for the airdrop and check your aBZZ balance. You can also interact with your aBZZ by importing your Bee private key in a web3 enabled wallet.

15 July — 21 July

What happens: Everyone can see their aBZZbalances onairdrop.ethswarm.organd consolidate their holdings by sending their aBZZ to the Ethereum address at which they want to receive their BZZ on mainnet.

Why do I care: You want to consolidate your holdings if you have operated many eligible nodes, or manage your private keys on mainnet in a different way than how you manage your private keys with Bee.

What do I need to do: import your Swarm key in a web3 enabled wallet, go to and send all your aBZZ to the address on Goerli at which you want to receive your BZZ on mainnet.

22 July

What happens: aBZZ cannot be consolidated anymore.

Why should I care: ensure that you have consolidated your holdings before this time. Consolidation is important to ensure that you won’t spend a lot of gas on the xDAI network to transfer your BZZ. Furthermore, you may want to have stricter security measures around your keys that interact with mainnet than your keys than you used in your Bee process.

2 August

What happens: all Ethereum addresses that hold aBZZ on Goerli receive BZZ on the xDAI network. Each aBZZ on Goerli gets an airdropped BZZ on xDAI.

Why should I care: after you receive your BZZ you can start using it to operate a Bee node on mainnet or interact with the Swarm network immediately. Alternatively, you can transfer your BZZ from xDAI to the main Ethereum network if you want to.

What do I need to do: Start running you mainnet node with your BZZ.

Swarm One Event

On 21 June, an online launch event will take place, to which you’re invited! Register at to keep informed about the programme and get the link to the event.

Be careful out there

Be aware that there are many fake BZZ circulating and lots of scams out there. Always do your own research and double check the contracts and markets you’re interacting with. Swarm Foundation does not have any representatives, neither global nor local. Swarm Foundation will only communicate via official channels that can be found on

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