December 12, 2021

Announcing The Swarm Foundation Technical Milestones

Swarm Foundation is proud to share the internal agenda of its tech team for the upcoming 12 months. The aim is to create predictability in the development tracks and the wider organisation as well as help coordinate between the Foundation’s efforts and the efforts deployed to the broader Swarm community.

Through this shared and transparent understanding, we aim to further the Foundation’s purpose to support the Swarm network to thrive and provide the infrastructure necessary for a decentralised web.

We would like to invite our community, stakeholders, and ecosystem to join the discussion in our Discord server, where we opened a new channel specifically to announce progress and new milestones.

The roadmap is a living document, with the Swarm Foundation consistently detailing 2–4 milestones while also planning more “vague” milestones for the future. Currently, four milestones have been officially announced.

This is a short overview of the milestones; for the full details, head over to

Host unstoppable content on Swarm

Uploading and downloading content, such as websites or NFT, data is optimised and predictable. This functionality can be accessed through all Swarm products: Bee, gateway, swarm-cli, chrome extension, Dashboard, and bee-js.

Completed: Q4 2021

Setting up and interacting with a Bee node is optimised for ease of use

Any crypto enthusiast with an interest in Swarm can set up and run a Bee node easily.

Time Estimate: Q1 2022

Node operators are directly rewarded for contributing their storage space

Contributing storage space is directly rewarded, regardless of whether the content is being accessed or not.

Time Estimate: Q2 2022

Optimisation for larger data uploads

Uploading and downloading bigger files and datasets is optimised.

Time Estimate: To be confirmed

More milestones will be added as the previous ones are achieved. Stay updated on the progress by visiting, and join our Discord server to get all the latest announcements.

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