September 13, 2023

State of the Network: August

11/10/23 - Correction - The average win rate for nodes in August was not greater than one.

This report provides an in-depth overview of the state of storage incentives on the Swarm network for the month of August. Detailed below are insights into monthly rewards in BZZ tokens, single node monthly earnings, median win values, average win values, monthly unique staking nodes, and the geographic distribution of nodes. This data serves as a valuable indicator of the ongoing growth trends within the Swarm network.

Data limitations:

  • All data is based on nodes which have won the redistribution game at least once per month.
  • The data from March is incomplete as it began being collected from March 12th.

Network Total Monthly Rewards

This metric is the total monthly rewards paid out across the entire network.

Month Total Rewards (BZZ)
March 12822
April 20503
May 21423
June 26655
July 34839
August 135927

The BZZ rewards have seen a consistent rise over the months, with August displaying a marked increase from July, suggesting increased network activity.

Single Node Monthly Average Earnings

This metric is the average total winnings per staking node per month.

Month Average Earnings (BZZ)
March 12.68
April 14.30
May 14.85
June 18.84
July 22.61
August 68.20

Average earnings for nodes in August showed an uptick, indicating the potential benefits of network participation.

Monthly Median Win Values

This metric is the median win amount for each win event.

Month Median Win Value (BZZ)
March 6.32
April 6.32
May 6.40
June 8.29
July 9.63
August 43.97

The median win values have gradually increased, with a noticeable jump in August, indicating a positive trend in node incentives.

Monthly Average Win Values

This metric is the average win amount for each win event.

Month Average Win Value (BZZ)
March 6.78
April 7.60
May 8.29
June 10.14
July 12.07
August 41.45

Consistent with the median values, the average win values have seen a steady increase.

Number of Staking Nodes by Month

This is determined by the number of unique staking nodes each month which have won at least once in that month (as noted above, it does not include nodes which did not win in that month).

Month Number of Nodes
March 1011
April 1434
May 1443
June 1415
July 1541
August 1993

The data indicates a steady growth in the number of staking nodes, emphasizing the increasing interest in the Swarm network.

Total Active Nodes by Month

This metric is defined as the total number of unique nodes (both staking and non-staking nodes) which are active on the Swarm network each month.

Month Number of Nodes
March 3470
April 2016
May 4352
June 4002
July 4221
August 4554

This data represents both staking and non-staking nodes, and so gives a picture of the growth of the all network participants.

Staking Nodes by Country

This metric shows the number of unique staking nodes per month in the top five countries (including “Unknown”).

April May June July August
China 474 489 437 593 216
Finland 438 412 418 417 846
Germany 296 266 299 280 798
Unknown 128 121 110 103 31
Belgium 41 74 59 70 39
France 28 24 29 22 0

The variety in geographical distribution reflects the global appeal of the Swarm network. It’s noteworthy that Finland and Germany are at the forefront in August.


The presented data gives insights into the positive trajectory of the Swarm network’s growth and adoption. The increase in rewards and node earnings in August stands as an indicator of the network’s healthy performance. With nodes distributed globally, Swarm reinforces its widespread acceptance. The consistent growth not only highlights the resilience of the Swarm network but also showcases the BZZ token’s integral role within the ecosystem.

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