April 4, 2023

Monthly Development Update – March 2023

The go-libp2p has been upgraded

Bee client is now version 1.13.0 and is bringing breaking changes. This includes the upgrade of the go-libp2p, which uses a new format for the p2p keys. The update will exclude nodes from storage incentives unless they have enough balance to cover at least five storage-incentives-related transactions.

The price oracle model is all set up

The price oracle model is set up and is being continuously tested and developed in a cluster. The development of Phase 4 of the storage incentives roadmap is running in parallel and you can also check out the new Storage incentives paper here.

A new Swarm Desktop is out

On the UI side of things, the JS Track has released a new Swarm Desktop version (0.20.0) to include the latest changes in the Bee client. They have made numerous upgrades and bug fixes in the latest Swarm-CLI and Bee-JS.

New updates in the Fair Data stack

The Fair Data Protocol released a new version of the Fairdrive Desktop App, FairOS, fdp-storage, Blossom and published a new FIP.

Bounties, good data upload, a how-to blog and Ethereum Zurich

The Ecosystem is also buzzing with activity. We invite you to check out the open bounties and if your project is focused on doing social good, the Swarm Odyssey Data Upload sponsorship initiative is now sponsoring good data uploads to Swarm. You can also show your support for privacy and digital freedom by getting yourself some awesome swag in the Freedom shop.

If you’re interested in future-proofing your website, the new blog by the DevRel team shows you how to publish it on the Swarm network and give it that Web3 boost.

From 14–16 April, the Ethereum community will gather at a meetup in Zurich. Swarm’s Daniel A. Nagy will be there to talk about the upcoming price oracle, and you can swing by our booth at any time for a friendly face-to-face chat with the team.


Bee Track

New Bee Release 1.13.0 was deployed – Breaking change
  • The main focus of this release has been the upgrade of our communication library – go-libp2p, which uses a new format for the p2p keys.
  • Golang version upgraded to 1.20.
  • Another important news is that a node will no longer participate in storage incentives if the node’s xDAI balance is not enough to cover at least five storage-incentives-related transactions. The status of the wallet can be checked using the new field in the redistributions status API.

Research Track

  • Work on the network statistics continues, whereby we’re uncovering certain patterns in neighbourhood, node, and distribution round behaviour.
  • The oracle modelling is now set up and is continuing as well as development and testing in a cluster.
  • Phase 4 of the storage incentives is in development and running in parallel to other developmental tracks.
  • The Storage Incentives paper was released and new diagrams are to follow to give more context

JS Track

Swarm Desktop v0.20.0
  • Updates Bee to 1.13.0
  • Migrates chain-enable property
Swarm-CLI v2.1.0
  • Changes single file upload to stream data instead of reading it all to memory
  • Fixes “Can not create a string longer than 0x1fffffe8 characters” bug when uploading large data
  • Fixes “Invalid time value” bug
  • Fixes printing feed “Number of updates”
Bee-JS v6.0.0-pre.6
  • Release candidate for an under-the-hood revamp
  • Changes HTTP library to axios
  • Fixes Node18+ compatibility issues
  • Fixes segmentation fault when running jest and having bee-js as a dependency

Fair Data Protocol

  • Fairdrive Desktop App version 0.1.5 released
  • FairOS version 0.9.3 released
  • fdp-storage version 0.7.1 released
  • Blossom version 0.2.3 released
  • FIP #71 about External account generator in process of review


Data Upload Sponsorships
  • Swarm Odyssey Data Upload is empowering social good startups, non-profits, and research projects to store their data in a censorship-resistant fashion
Active bounties in progress
Open bounties:

DevOps Track

  • Deployed Bee to the mainnet (v1.13.0).
  • Released the Beekeeper (v0.12.0).


  • Etherjot enables you to effortlessly create a blog on Swarm. It takes care of the publishing process and layout, allowing you to focus on writing. You can easily add article pages and menu pages one at a time. If you have a markdown file ready to be published, simply use a straightforward command, and it will be accessible on your website.
Educational content
The Swarm Community Call
  • The Swarm Community Call, our main monthly online event, was held on 30 March. You can read a recap blog post about it here.

Upcoming events

Ethereum Zurich
  • Ethereum Zurich - From 14–16 April the Ethereum community will gather at a meetup in Zurich. Swarm’s Daniel A. Nagy will be there to talk about Swarm and you can swing by our booth at any time for a friendly face-to-face with the team.
Swarm Community Call
  • Swarm Community Call - our main monthly online event, will take place on 27 April at 17:00 CET in the Swarm Foundation Discord (add to calendar). Meanwhile, you are welcome to send any questions you might have for the teams building the Swarm network by using this online form for them to be addressed on the call.
Follow Swarm community news on X / Twitter.
Discussions about Swarm can be found on Reddit.
All tech support and other channels have moved to Discord!
Please feel free to reach out via info@ethswarm.org
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