July 5, 2023

Monthly Development Update – June 2023

June marked an important point in the Swarm network development. The new localstore was released on private and public testnet and the new revised and updated edition of the Book of Swarm is now available. The Research Track has also made it much easier to find nodes that couldn’t enter the storage incentives game and understand the circumstances.

The Swarm Virtual Summit is successfully behind us. Over 20 inspiring and educational presentations on the use of Swarm and other decentralised technologies are available for viewing. Grab yourself early access to Fairdrive Web App and get some free storage while you’re at it. Swarm docs have a great new look and feel and if you’re interested in building value-driven digital ecosystems, the Hivemaker’s Code by theLivingCore and Swarm is available here. There have also been numerous bug fixes and updates across the entire Swarm stack.

Bee Track

Released v2.0.0-rc5

  • The new localstore is on private and public testnets and optimisations are being made to up the upload speed so that we can release to mainnet.
  • We have also experienced a perfect month of network activity with 0% error rates on our smoke tests.
  • The joint effort from DevRel and Bee team has resulted in the openAPI and protocol specs and diagrams being completed and pending release.

Research Track

  • The latest edition of the Book of Swarm is out.
  • Phase 4 optimisations and refactoring is complete and its release window is being scheduled.
  • We have successfully redeveloped our stats dashboard to find our nodes that did not enter the storage incentives and can now debug the logs to understand the circumstances around nodes not playing the game and how often this occurs.


The Hivemaker’s Code:

A toolkit for building value-driven, decentralized digital ecosystems. In collaboration with theLivingCore, Swarm published the Hivemaker’s Code. This is a nine-part toolkit for creating value-driven digital ecosystems.

Fair Data Protocol

Fairdrive Web App



Fairdrive Desktop App



Create account page



DevOps Track


Docs update

  • The new design for Swarm’s documentation has been successfully published at https://docs.ethswarm.org/.
  • New content in the Learn section: protocols and topology sections.
  • Added stewardship section.
  • OpenAPI docs updated and rebuilt to the newest version
  • Switched OpenAPI built tool to display API reference within the main Docusaurus theme rather than as a separate single page app. API, Debug API




  • Customizability: Etherjot now allows customization of various aspects of blog posts, including the header and footer description, social media links, blog post sizes, promotions, highlighted categories, and more.
  • New Commands:
    • etherjot purge: This command allows users to start fresh by removing any existing data or configurations.
    • etherjot configure: Users can now use this command to customize optional parts of the blog, tailoring it to their specific needs.
    • etherjot promote: This command enables users to customize flagship posts, highlighted categories, and other promotional aspects of the blog.


Swarm Virtual Summit 21–23 June 2023

  • The summit featured an array of experts, enthusiasts and trailblazers who shared their insights, experience and visions for the future of Swarm. From hands-on workshops to engaging talks, from surprise announcements to cosy fireside chats – it all happened at the Swarm Summit 2023
  • You can watch the entire summit on StreamEth. See the presentations you missed or watch them again.

Upcoming events

Swarm Community Call

  • Swarm Community Call our main monthly online event, will take place on 27 July at 17:00 CET in the Swarm Foundation Discord (add to calendar). Meanwhile, you are welcome to send any questions you might have for the teams building the Swarm network by using this online form for them to be addressed on the call.
Follow Swarm community news on X / Twitter.
Discussions about Swarm can be found on Reddit.
All tech support and other channels have moved to Discord!
Please feel free to reach out via info@ethswarm.org
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