August 2, 2023

Beyond Wikipedia: Swarm and Kiwix Boost Access to Free Knowledge

Wikipedia on Swarm was just the beginning

The Swarm Foundation is proud to announce the second phase of its partnership with Kiwix, an offline data storer, marking another decisive step in creating a thriving and value-driven ecosystem. Kiwix and the Swarm Foundation initially partnered in 2022 to bring an offline copy of Wikipedia on to the Swarm Network. Now the time has come to extend the partnership to preserve and democratise access to important and publicly available data.

Watch the presentation from Swarm Virtual Summit

“The internet is fragmenting and we need to look at a near future where not all information is available to everyone. And we need to find new ways to counter this,” Stephane-Coillet Matillon, CEO and co-founder of Kiwix, emphasises the reason why they decided to level up the partnership.

Kiwix will join the upcoming Great Data Upload initiative, which aims to preserve accessible and important public data by uploading open datasets to Swarm. Both projects believe that every individual should have the freedom to access, share and benefit from humanity’s collective knowledge, unhindered by their geographic location.

Championing the freedom of information

By storing Kiwix’s content, Swarm Foundation’s vision of storing the world’s data moves closer to becoming reality. This will allow individuals everywhere greater access to information, bridging the digital divide.

About Kiwix

Kiwix is a non-profit and open source organisation that has made it its mission to make knowledge and information available to all humanity. They compress huge amounts of data (think really large websites) into small packages that can be viewed with their Kiwix viewer even on low-speced devices with no internet connection. This makes such data available even where internet access is limited, making Kiwix a valuable alternative for under-resourced communities.


The partnership between the Swarm Foundation and Kiwix reiterates the Foundation’s Commitment to defending and making humanity’s knowledge available to everyone.

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