October 17, 2023

Swarm and Dappnode: Joining Forces to Empower Decentralised Storage

Redefining dApps infrastructure with Dappnode

For those unfamiliar, Dappnode stands as a pillar in the decentralised application (dApp) domain, offering a platform that redefines user experience in the decentralised web. It enables the launching and management of dApps while assuring users of self-sovereign data management and secure, uncensorable application interfaces.

Dappnode empowers node operators to exert enhanced control across various blockchain networks, from validating transactions and participating in consensus mechanisms to bolstering network security, all in a seamless and autonomous manner. In essence, the Dappnode ecosystem guarantees:

  • Effortless deployment and management of decentralised applications and nodes.
  • Amplified user control over data and privacy.
  • Independent and secure participation across numerous blockchain networks.
  • A simplified experience of running blockchain nodes, diminishing technical hurdles for participants.
  • Building a future on shared values and technology

Swarm and Dappnode, both pioneers in their respective spheres, craft a partnership that amplifies the power and reach of decentralisation, facilitating storage capabilities.

Unveiling a Path of Rewards and Empowerment

Every purchase of Dappnode hardware will be a doorway into Swarm’s decentralised storage network. Users are granted enough tokens to stake and run a full Bee node, enabling them to actively contribute to and benefit from the network, both through providing vital storage resources and participating in Swarm’s rewarding redistribution game.

An upcoming Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) session, hosted on Dappnode’s Discord on Wednesday, October 25th, will be dedicated to engaging with the community, resolving queries, and ensuring that every DappNode user can maximize their participation and rewards in the Swarm network.


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