June 7, 2023

Anticipating the buzz: The return of the Swarm Virtual Summit

The wait is over: the return of the Swarm Summit

It has been three long years since our last gathering in the vibrant city of Madrid, where ideas sparked, connections were made, and the Swarm community came together. So it is with great pleasure to be able to announce that the Swarm Virtual Summit is back on our calendars. From 21 to 23 June the Swarm community will get together in a virtual setting for three days packed with knowledge, collaboration and just a touch of excitement.

Sharing is caring – workshops, talks, announcements, and more

The summit will feature an array of experts, enthusiasts and trailblazers who are ready to share their insights, experience and visions for the future of Swarm. From hands-on workshops to engaging talks, from surprise announcements to cosy fireside chats – it’s all there.

Embrace the Swarm

The Swarm Virtual Summit is an opportunity for you to engage, learn and collaborate with other members of the community. The emphasis is on fostering a space where ideas can flow freely, and where every voice can be heard. Whether you’re a seasoned code creator or just a curious newcomer, you’re sure to find something that will pique your interest and broaden your understanding of Swarm.

The countdown has begun

As the countdown to the summit begins, you’re invited to join us in the excitement. Swarm has come a long way since Madrid and has a bright future ahead. Become part of the Swarm as we chart the course for the future together.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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