November 27, 2023

Decentralize Earth Observation!

Uniting expertise for innovation

The Swarm Foundation, in collaboration with ESA Φ-lab, is excited to announce an upcoming workshop designed to foster groundbreaking collaborations between the Web3 and Earth Observation (EO) communities. The goal of the workshop is to leverage the distinctive knowledge of both sectors, encouraging the development of innovative and impactful Decentralized EO!

Workshop Objective

The primary aim of this workshop is to explore how Web3 and AI can converge and integrate with the Earth Observation domain, especially in the context of ESA’s Φ-lab’s expertise in AI for EO. This cross-domain collaboration promises to open new avenues for research and application.

Expected Outcomes

The expected outcome is a manifesto highlighting the next steps in the convergence of Web3 and AI technologies within the EO ecosystem:

  • Provide actionable recommendations to ESA Φ-lab on how to best integrate blockchain technologies in their current AI4EO projects
  • Prioritize and define new research topics combining EO and DLT (and AI)
  • Outline some short- to mid-term roadmap elements for further integration of Web3 technologies in the EO ecosystem.

Agenda Highlights

In the morning there will be public workshops and discussions covering various aspects of Earth Observation and its intersection with decentralized storage, blockchain, and AI. If you want to participate remotely, register here and you will receive a personal link to join.

Speakers list:

  • Nicolas Longépé, European Space Agency, Earth Observation Data Scientist
  • Claudio Iacopino, European Space Agency, Digital Platform Engineer
  • Gregor Žavcer, Swarm Foundation, Director
  • Črt Ahlin, Swarm Foundation, Researcher
  • …and more to be announced

Join us on this exciting journey

This workshop represents a pivotal moment in bridging the gap between the Web3 and EO communities. We look forward to sharing insights, fostering collaboration, and paving the way for innovative solutions at the intersection of these transformative technologies.

Register here:

Stay tuned for more updates and insights from this groundbreaking workshop!

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