January 11, 2024

The Swarm Foundation Announces Groundbreaking Decentralised EO Manifesto

In an unprecedented move to integrate web3, AI, and Earth Observation (EO) technologies, the Swarm Foundation in collaboration with ESA Φ-lab organised a workshop for web3, AI, and Earth Observation experts whose the results are proudly unveiled in the Decentralised EO Manifesto. This manifesto marks a significant step towards a collaborative future between the Web3 and EO communities.

Premises of the Manifesto

At its core, the manifesto articulates a commitment to ensuring the integrity, trust, and verifiability of Earth Observation data, harnessing the strengths of decentralised technologies. It underscores the significance of data ownership, security, and selective disclosure, advocating for control over data sharing, in alignment with European Space Agency protocols. Furthermore, it highlights the transformative potential of emerging technologies like decentralised storage and AI in enhancing Earth Observation, emphasising their role in data safety and transparent sharing.

Vision for the Future

The participants at the workshop at the ESA Φ-lab​​ envision a future where EO data is beyond reproach, fostering trust and making crucial data accessible to all. This vision aligns with the ethos of the Web3 ecosystem, empowering public goods through accessible EO data.

Web3 and EO representatives, including key figures from the Swarm Foundation and ESA’s Φ-lab, alongside prominent researchers and developers.

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