June 11, 2024

IoteX partnership announcement

The Swarm Foundation is excited to announce a new partnership with IoTeX, integrating with DePINscan to elevate the transparency and real-time tracking of the Swarm network and joining their DePIN liquidity pools. This double integration marks a significant step forward in the mission to provide seamless and reliable decentralised storage solutions.

Enhanced Transparency and Real-Time Tracking with DePINscan

The integration with DePINscan is designed to offer users a high level of transparency and real-time tracking. By creating an official Swarm project profile on DePINscan, the network is accurately represented. This verified profile provides users with clear and detailed insights into the Swarm network.

Joining DePIN Liquidity Pools

In addition to the transparency benefits, the partnership with IoTeX includes joining their DePIN liquidity pools. This integration not only enhances the visibility of Swarm’s ecosystem but also provides significant benefits to users by adding liquidity for the BZZ utility token.

Benefits of Liquidity Pool Integration

By joining the DePIN liquidity pools, Swarm users can now enjoy improved liquidity for the BZZ utility token. This enhancement facilitates smoother and more efficient token exchanges, contributing to a more vibrant and active ecosystem.

The added liquidity also helps expand the visibility and reach of Swarm’s ecosystem, attracting more participants and fostering greater engagement within the decentralised storage space.

What This Means for the Community:

  • Enhanced transparency: The DePINscan integration offers a clearer, more detailed view of the Swarm network, highlighting the distribution and activity of bee nodes in real-time.
  • Improved data accuracy: Regular updates ensure that the data presented on the DePINscan profile is both accurate and up-to-date.
  • Increased liquidity and reach: Joining the DePIN liquidity pools significantly boosts the liquidity and visibility of the BZZ utility token, benefiting users and expanding Swarm’s ecosystem.

This dual integration holds significant potential and is set to greatly benefit the community. Stay tuned for more updates as the capabilities of the Swarm network continue to expand and innovate.

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