January 25, 2024

Context Protocol Integrates the Swarm Network

To celebrate the first Swarm Community Call of 2024, the Swarm Foundation announces a partnership in two steps with Context Protocol.

Swarm Network Integration

Context Protocol is a Web3 Semantic Layer and, as the first step of this partnership, it will integrate its storage infrastructure with the Swarm Network. This move aims to establish a common language for data, ensuring it is understandable and usable in any application, thereby marking a new era in data interoperability.

In fact, its semantic decentralised data storage system allows users to deploy smart contracts, known as Context Documents, to store their data securely on the Swarm Network. Coupled with a Naming Registry, Context Protocol provides a unique identifier for each account within the ecosystem.

Documentation tooling

This combination enables us to create landscape.is, a transparent, up-to-date and user-controlled map of communities, startups or investors, which is pivotal to the second step of this partnership: Context Protocol has also developed tooling to simplify projects’ communication with their communities when documents are updated. This is because in Web3 projects release patches, updates and new versions at a very fast pace, which makes it difficult for users to be always on top of the latest developments and documentation, causing problems and exploits that could easily be prevented. Context, using the Swarm network, has developed a Telegram bot to solve this: the bot enables users to register their names in Context using account abstraction within the bot, and every time a documentation is updated, document owners will be able to send a push notification via Telegram to their community members.

Key benefits of the collaboration

The key benefits of this collaboration are several:

  • Data sovereignty: Users have full control over their data, eliminating the need for intermediaries and reducing the risk of censorship.
  • Interoperability via standardisation: Ensuring seamless data exchange across different platforms and applications.
  • Reputation management: Community-invited proofs of integrity enable participants to validate their identities.
  • Verifying work positioning: By inviting users to be part of your company/startup.
  • Immutable data security: Leveraging the inherent security features of blockchain technology, Context Protocol ensures data integrity.
  • Data versioning: Enabling users to update, modify and maintain their data over time.
  • Efficient data utilisation: By eliminating redundant data duplication.
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