October 25, 2022

The Devcon video archive is now available on the Swarm network

After a long three-year wait, the Ethereum community finally got treated to the sixth edition of Devcon. From 11 to 14 October, thousands of Ethereans gathered in Bogota, Colombia, to take part in what’s undoubtedly Ethereum’s biggest annual event.

Four intense days of talks, workshops and presentations produced an incredible library of videos focused on all possible aspects of Web3. All this content is now also available on the Swarm network via the decentralised video platform Etherna. Note that the platform is still in an alpha version, so bugs are possible and not all features are available.

Delivering the entire Devcon’s archive in a Web3 manner wasn’t an easy feat to pull. But, thanks to the great collaboration between the Swarm Foundation (SF), Etherna, Ethereum Foundation (EF) and Devcon teams it took only two months for this spur-of-the-moment idea to become a reality. If you’re interested, you can read the official Devcon Improvement Proposal 19 here.

Almost 100 GB Streamed in one week

Since 13 October, hundreds of videos from the Devcon archive have already been made available. The interest in using this new platform was significant. In the period from 11 to 18 October alone, Etherna has served well over 90 GB of content.

“The whole experience has been great,” recalls Mirko Da Corte, founder and CEO of Etherna. “We’ve received many congratulations from EF, SF and others. Especially because we reached our goal in such a short time,” he says.

More digital freedom in Web3

Hosting the Devcon archive on the Swarm network is part of Swarm network’s mission to make Web3 more decentralised and censorship-resistant while empowering digital freedom. With this in mind, it also hosted a mirror version of the official Devcon agenda to make the whole event a truly decentralised experience.

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