April 4, 2022

Monthly Development Update — March 2022

March was marked by the WAM hackathon, organised by Fair Data Society in partnership with Swarm. Three weeks of talks, demos and presentations connected artists, gamers, developers and activists in an effort to build a better Web. Important partnerships were forged, like the one between Kiwix and Swarm that will see the whole of Wikipedia uploaded to Swarm’s decentralised storage.

The entire WAM event is available on YouTube, but stay tuned for more info because a sequel is coming in September 2022!

Other teams working on Swarm have been relentlessly hard at it as well. The Bee team is finishing up milestone 2, announced in December 2021. The BeeJS team is already working on milestone 3! And the Human and Culture team is looking for new coworkers who will enrich the organisation with their amazing skills and make the work even more outstanding.

More details on what the teams were up to in March can be found below.


Bee Track

  • Bee 1.5.0 released; however, it has not yet been announced to the public due to an issue that was found after deployment to the mainnet. The team is working on a fix.

DevOps Track

  • Released and deployed the Bee to the mainnet (v1.5.0).
  • Released and deployed the gateway-proxy to the mainnet (v0.5.1).

JS Track

  • Two new versions of Bee-js were released, the latest one is 3.3.3
  • Two new versions of the Gateway Proxy were released, the latest one is 0.5.1

Research Track

This month, the research team worked mostly on further defining storage incentives. We focused on creating a scheme with minimal complexity, while still including important innovations that were designed in the previous months.

Ecosystem Track

The ecosystem team was busy organising the WAM hackathon. Three weeks of intensive happenings with lots of talks, presentations, workshops, bounties and demos resulted in what is soon to become the WAM DAO. You can watch the recordings of the events on YouTube. In the meantime join the WAM community on the FDS Discord to stay tuned for the information on the DAO and other upcoming WAM events.

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