March 4, 2022

Monthly Development Update — February 2022

There’s no rest for the wicked and February has kept the Swarm team busy as always. A new Bee client release saw the light of day, as have three new releases from the BeeJS team. But the main focus of the entire Swarm team is to realise Milestone 2 of the technical roadmap, announced last December, in sync with the specified timeline.

After ensuring consistent and persistent storage of files up to 5MB in size, the second milestone will represent a significant move forward. It will provide a much better user experience when setting up a node.

The goal is that every crypto enthusiast with an interest in Swarm can easily set up and use a Bee node. Milestone 2 is directly aimed at simplifying this process so that it can be done in less than 30 minutes. This will be achieved with a desktop app that can be installed without any registration or blockchain interaction.

On the Ecosystem side of things, the team has been fully occupied with organising and delivering the We Are Millions Hackathon. If you haven’t registered yet and claimed your NFT ticket, there’s still time. Click here, register and claim your NFT ticket.

For more details on what’s been achieved in February, see below.

Bee Track

DevOps Track

  • Released and deployed the Bee to the mainnet (v1.4.3).
  • Released and deployed the gateway-proxy to the mainnet (v0.4.1).
  • Released several versions of Beekeeper (latest v0.9.2).
  • Released and published the Bee Helm chart with gateway-proxy as a sidecar (v0.11.1).

JS Track

Ecosystem Track

  • The ecosystem team was busy organising the We Are Millions Hackathon(1 to 21 March 2021). You can still join the Hackathon and watch the educational content and talks live on YouTube, website and directly via Zoom.
  • Don’t miss your opportunity to apply for the WAM hackathon bounties and help make Web3 a better place.
  • Ecosystem Monthly Call happened on 25 February 2022. Many interesting topics were discussed and grant projects had their chance to show off some really interesting demos. Don’t miss the next monthly call (every last Thursday of the month) to stay on top of what’s happening in Swarm’s ecosystem.
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