May 4, 2022

Monthly Development Update — April 2022

April was the month of spring cleaning for different tracks around Swarm. The Bee client saw a patch release to fix some critical issues, while the BeeJS team also cleared up some minor bugs with the new Bee-js release. On the ecosystem side, the Swarm community near and far got treated to a Monthly Ecosystem Call.

For more details on what each team was working on in April, read the report below.



  • Released Bee v1.5.1. This is a patch release over v1.5.0, which was released a few weeks back. While testing the release critical issues were found. See the release log for the details. The issues are fixed and all users are urged to upgrade to the latest version as soon as possible.


  • Deployed the Bee to the mainnet (v1.5.1).
  • Released the Beekeeper (v0.10.5).


  • Bee-js 3.3.4 was released. This patch release brings mainly support for the new Bee 1.5.1 and two small bug fixes.
  • A new version of Swarm CLI was released (1.11). This version brings improved compatibility with Bee 1.5 and some bug fixes
  • A new version of Bee Dashboard was released (0.14). This version brings improved compatibility with Bee 1.5, the upcoming Desktop app and different modes of Bee and some bug fixes.


  • The ecosystem team was busy wrapping up the WAM hackathon.
  • A Monthly Ecosystem Call took place on 28 April 2022 on Swarm’s Discord. Monthly Ecosystem Calls will happen every last Thursday of the month. Please follow our Discord or newsletter to stay informed.

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