June 4, 2022

It’s Finally Here: Bee Mainnet Launch and the Swarm Public Token Sale

Swarm Foundation is proud to announce that the Bee mainnet soft launch will happen on 13 June 2021. And immediately following it, the BZZ public token sale is scheduled to happen on 14 June 2021 via CoinList.

Token sale info:

From Görli BZZ to real BZZ

In the last few years, Swarm has evolved from a research project into several teams and self organised communities that have been working hard to make the vision of the world computer a reality. The community has run tens of thousands of testnet nodes, reported bugs, given feedback, and helped newcomers with tech-related support.

Bee is ready for mainnet

Bee client has now been operational for a while, although without its crypto-economic feature. Projects such as Fairdrive, Waggle, Swarm.city, Beefree, Ready Fighter One, Atelier Ludensis and many more have adopted Swarm Network and have been using it for their dApps. The network is now ready for its full mainnet launch, as well as the deployment and distribution of the BZZ token. Along with the mainnet launch, which is the final step in the current development process of the Swarm network, BZZ token will be sold to the public through CoinList. This is the last step in Swarm’s evolution.

Register at CoinList to participate

Details of the token sale can be found on the CoinList deal page.

What to expect at the token sale

The sale and token distribution has been structured in a way that optimises distribution of the Swarm utility token to the most users. Depending on the number of registrants and their eligibility, not everyone will have a chance to get into the token sale.

After mainnet launch it is anticipated that a bonding curve smart contract will be deployed. For more information, please refer to the Coinlist page as well as the related faqs.

The BZZ token has not been deployed nor distributed yet

Beware, there are scams around. Exchanges, projects or people currently offering the token are not affiliated with the Swarm Foundation, and the Swarm Foundation does not endorse such activities prior to mainnet release. The Swarm Foundation has not been engaging with any exchange on BZZ listings. Private buyers are not allowed to pledge the token before mainnet launch.

When in doubt, refer to our official website www.ethswarm.org where you can find links to our channels.


BZZ is not registered as a security or other financial product in any jurisdiction. Due to regulatory uncertainty, BZZ will not be offered or sold to US persons or in the United States, Canada, or other prohibited jurisdictions and nothing in this communication shall be construed to be an offer made to residents in those jurisdictions. Any information contained on this page that are “forward-looking statements” are based on expectations, estimates and projections at the time the statements are made and involve a number of risks and uncertainties which could cause actual results or events to differ materially from those presently anticipated. Swarm Foundation cannot provide any guarantee or certainty with respect to any forward-looking statement.

A further disclaimer can be found here: https://join.ethswarm.org/coinlist-disclaimer.html

More information soon

More information about the token sale mechanics will be posted in the near future. Make sure to follow our blogs, social media, and Discord channels. You can find links to them here below.

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