June 20, 2021

Take Bee v1.0-rc4 for a testnet drive

Today, the Swarm team is releasing Bee v1.0-rc4. Node operators who have been running testnet nodes can now update to this new version. Take this opportunity to participate in the final days of the airdrop campaign.

What do node operators need to do?

Before updating, cash out all cheques. Once this is done, Bee nodes can be updated as normal. Caution: v0.6.2 stamped chunks need to be re-uploaded and restamped with v1.0-rc4.

In preparation for the upcoming mainnet release, the network ID of the testnet has been changed from 1 to 10.

Make sure that the network ID is set to this new default value of 10 in your configuration.

What to expect

The update will create a new overlay address and remove old chunks that were stamped with an old postage stamp. Due to the changed network ID the overlay address has been changed. The postage stamp contract was also updated so postage stamps bought from the old contract are no longer valid**.**

Please read the documentation to see how to update nodes**.**

More information on the v1.0-rc4 release can be found in the release notes

What does this mean for the airdrop?

It continues until 21 June. Even though the nodes’ overlay address changes, the Ethereum address stays the same, and any previously deployed chequebook will be automatically used by the new Bee nodes.

Need help?

If the update process fails, please find help in the tech support channel in Discord.

Join the Swarm One Live Event

On 21 June, an online launch event will take place, to which you’re invited! Register at https://www.ethswarm.org/swarm-one-rsvp.html to keep informed about the programme and get the link to the event.

Be careful out there

Be aware that there are many fake BZZ circulating and scams out there. Always do your own research and double-check the contracts and markets you’re interacting with. Swarm Foundation does not have any representatives, neither global nor local. Swarm Foundation will only communicate via official channels that can be found on www.ethswarm.org.

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