July 15, 2021

Monthly Development Update — June 2021

Last month was an amazing one for the Swarm team and the Swarm Foundation. Two very important milestones were achieved, and it’s fair to say they marked the beginning of a new era of Swarm.

First, the public token sale happened on 14 June 2021. Some 25,000 more people are now proud owners of BZZ token. Second, Swarm 1.0 was launched on mainnet.

The mainnet launch was celebrated with an online event, where the dev team explained what Swarm 1.0 is and what the plans are for the nearest future. Some really nice demos from the ecosystem followed, featuring some of the projects that are already building on Swarm. The event concluded with an interesting talk with the founders of Swarm.

The community launched the Swarm bonding curve, where users can buy BZZ and redeem DAI/ETH.

Although most of the team’s efforts were focusing on the mentioned milestones, some really good side releases happened with the Bee-js track too. Dive into the monthly development update here below and check for yourself.

Bee Track

  • Several 1.0 release candidates were released on the Bee testnet to facilitate rapid iteration before the 1.0 launch
  • Released bee v1.0.0
  • Continuous monitoring of the main network
  • Planning and assessing the road ahead

DevOps Track

JS Track

  • Released a new version of Bee-js, that supports the 1.0 version of Bee
  • Released a new version of Bee Dashboard (0.4.0) that supports the 1.0 version of Bee
  • Released three new versions of Swarm CLI, the latest is 1.1

1.) Added support for the Bee 1.0 mainnet release 2.) Added a new command for printing out node addresses 3.) Stamp handling and listing improvements 4.) Encryption support 5.) Improved tracking of upload progress 6.) Lots of usability improvements

1.) The free trial version of a web gateway Swarm 2.) Upload a single file and share a link with a preview 3.) No registration or signup required

Research Track

  • Specified an iterative algorithm for the approximation of the inverse integral of the Swarm Bonding Curve. Once implemented, it will allow for entering the exchange amounts in both DAI and ETH, not only in BZZ.


  • The Swarm 1.0 launch on the mainnet was celebrated with an online event. In case you missed it, you can rewatch it here.
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