February 5, 2021

Meet Bee-js — a JavaScript library for Swarm

As you probably know, the JavaScript team is one of the latest additions to the Ethereum Swarm organization. The team has been working relentlessly and here are the first fruits of their work.

We are proud to present the bee-js Alpha release: https://www.npmjs.com/package/@ethersphere/bee-js

Bee-js is a library which exposes the Bee functionalities in JavaScript and makes it easy to use in web projects. This will come in handy especially for developers who want to develop dApps on top of Swarm. You will be able to create truly decentralized dApps in minutes. And for those who love TypeScript, we do too!

This is the Alpha release and it includes all the core functionalities most developers need, but over time, we will also add more advanced features that will satisfy all user needs.

In short, the current release enables you to upload and download data from and to Bee, and to send and receive PSS messages. With the next releases, all other Bee functionalities will be added and soon you will be able to integrate feeds, accounting, and other important parts of your dApp.

Go check out the release and send us feedback, or get in touch on our Bee Support Telegram Channel.

Got any feedback or need help? https://github.com/ethersphere/bee-js

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