June 2, 2021

Important notice to all Bee node operators — the Bee v0.6 release is live. Update your nodes asap!

The long-awaited Bee v0.6 release is here. With it, some really important changes have been made. Bee node operators must update their nodes if they want to stay part of the network and be able to continue to participate in the airdrop.

If you are running your node on v0.5.x, please update to v0.6 as soon as possible to stay part of the network.

What’s new in Bee v0.6?

The v0.6 release comes packed with exciting new features, bug fixes, and updates.

  • Light nodes
  • Postage stamps
  • Free bandwidth allowance
  • Reupload content

Please read the release notes for a detailed description of v0.6 and check the documentation to find out how to update your nodes. Look out for some breaking changes in the protocols and APIs.

Why is it important to update your nodes?

The Bee v0.5.3 handshake is not compatible with the v0.6 series of releases. It is essential to update your node to stay part of the network.

How should I update my node?

Please check this section of the documentation.

More breaking releases in the near future

Please note that Swarm is under heavy development and will continue to undergo some important changes, some of them in the near future.

What can I expect in the following days?

Updating Swarm is not just a case of rolling out a new release on Github. The software must be updated by the many thousands of nodes that form the swarm, all across the globe. We are looking forward to helping you join the other v0.6 nodes, but due to the sheer number of nodes and wonderful people in our community, our developers and family of community volunteers may not be able to help everybody at once, although we will indeed try!

We ask for your understanding and would appreciate it enormously if you could join us in helping other community members with tech-related questions and help them join the v0.6 network as soon as possible. Join us in #bee-support channel of our Discord server for help and assistance with your upgrade.

Join our tech support channels

We will also be posting updates to Reddit and Twitter but the technical support team will focus mostly on Discord channels. Please join our Discord if you haven’t done so already.

Follow Swarm community news on X / Twitter.
Discussions about Swarm can be found on Reddit.
All tech support and other channels have moved to Discord!
Please feel free to reach out via info@ethswarm.org
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