December 6, 2020

Monthly Development Update — November 2020

November has been an important month for Swarm. Another milestone was met — the Swarm Live release. Improved performance, more stability, and polished features are just a few of the things this new release has to offer. The release was celebrated with an online event where the team explained in detail what is new and what can be done with it.

You can re-watch the event on the Twitter live stream. Don’t miss all the interesting demos Edu from DappNode explains how to install and run a Swarm Node with ease, Dan does a zero-leak messaging demo) and especially, don’t miss Rinke’s presentation on Swarm incentives.

Core Track

DevOps Track

  • Deployed Bee (v0.4.0) to public cluster.
  • Published Bee deb and rpm packages for easy installation as a service on Debian- and Centos-based distributions.
  • Published Bee to Homebrew for easy installation as a service on MacOS.
  • Released a new version of Bee Helm chart (v0.6.0).
  • Released a new version of Beekeeper (v0.4.0) with support for Kubernetes API and commands to start standalone Bee nodes or Bee clusters on a Kubernetes cluster.
  • Updated bee-staging and bee-local repos to support the latest Bee/Beekeeper versions.
  • Migrated and published a new version of the website.

Holistic Track

  • The newly forming Javascript team is consolidating the roadmap.

Events Track

  • 24 November 2020 — the Swarm Live release was accompanied by an online event, where the team explained in detail what this release is and what can be done with it.

Swarm Grants Track

  • The third wave of Swarm grants was announced at the Swarm Live event. If you missed your chance before, hurry up and apply for a grant now.

Jobs Track

Swarm is hiring! We are looking for

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