January 17, 2023
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Swarm Association announces phase 2 of the Wikipedia on Swarm prize.

The Wikipedia on Swarm prize

Swarm is a decentralised and censorship-resistant storage and communication system that enables digital freedoms. The Wikipedia Prize, launched at the Swarm Summer Solstice event in June 2022, sought for a solution that observes a Wikipedia offline archive and uploads it to the Swarm network, and it had an initial reward pot of 50k DAI to be paid in BZZ. The goal was to allow for Wikipedia in any language to be easily uploaded to the Swarm network, making it resilient to the potential grip of censorship.

A panel of judges awarded 30k DAI and chose a winning project (read more here), which is an excellent solution for uploads of Wikipedia on the Swarm network. Phase 2 will build on it. In order to make Wikipedia on Swarm a reality, it has to be usable by anyone without any coding skills. To this end, the remaining 20k DAI will be distributed to specific bounties that will improve the quality of the UX/UI.

The first bounty of this series will be for a solution that develops a search mechanism: a web interface and/or an app to allow searching and reading of Swarm-hosted content on the phase 1 winning project. You can read more about the bounty here.

As a continuation of the prize, the bounty is assigned to Igar1991, the winner of the first prize, and it will be the starting point for making Wikipedia on Swarm “feature complete”. They will have to coordinate with a tech advisor from the Swarm Foundation who will assist the development of the feature. Moreover, it is the first step towards the Wikipedia DAO, and making the project community driven by starting the codebase for the community to continue, if you want to be in the loop, please join Fair Data Society Discord to be always updated.

Why it matters

Censorship is rampant: there is even a Wikipedia article on censorship of Wikipedia itself. It is therefore crucial to create tools for our digital rights and freedom of information and knowledge. This bounty is a step towards a better internet.

If you have any further questions, support is available on Swarm’s Discord or on Fair Data Society’s Discord

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