October 21, 2021
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The Final Countdown — Announcing the 4th round of Swarm grant recipients

As any other, the world computer needs three main components to function: CPU, software and storage. Ethereum’s smart contracts and dApps represent the processor and software of that world computer.

On the other hand, Swarm’s mission was always to provide storage functionality and extend the Ethereum blockchain into a fully-fledged computational environment. After all, what good is a computer that can’t store and access data? Together, they form a world computer as envisioned from the start and which serves as the basis of Web3.

With all the pieces in place, it’s time for the world computer to start storing data from dApps to its decentralised storage — Swarm.

Swarm Association is proud to announce yet another round of grantees, with great project ideas that show the diversity of use cases for Swarm. Read short descriptions of what new grantees are working on here below.

Greater China Swarm Community/Association

Swarm and its Ethereum branding are arriving at a critical moment for decentralised storage crypto communities in China. With millions of people already fairly familiar with IPFS, novel ideas ignite the industry. Due to the language barrier and limited information on and offline, people are not able to participate in the right way and are very easily led in different directions, which does not help the Swarm ecosystem. They would like to assist the Swarm Foundation in setting up a communication channel and kick off the Swarm community in China.


A project that starts with a strategy NFT card game and ends with gamification of NFTs in an auction house. Gamers play and buy NFTs to win BZZ, then to set up an auction to win BIG! Launched on Binance Smart Chain, all NFTs will be stored on Swarm using Fairdrive, and auctioned NFTs could be stored either by the user’s personal Fairdrive dApp or on IPFS. As EVM in BSC is compatible with EVM in Ethereum, the game could be implemented in Ethereum or other Layer 2 such as Near, if needed.


Galileo Retreat in Bali

What better way to launch a dApp than by exemplifying its utility in the beautiful and remote setting of Bali? Galileo is a decentralised map that allows you to personalise your own version without collecting your information or tracking your personal ventures. The point of this grant is to show how maps can be easily upgraded and personalised. Bonus: linking spots to transactions (eg. make bookings) where the map creator gets a small commission. In essence, this is the start of a decentralised version of this: https://techcrunch.com/2021/08/30/thatch-using-3m-round-to-put-travel-creators-on-the-map/



NIFTSY is collateral-backed and price-discovery cross-chain protocol to provide NFTs with intrinsic value and liquidity. This means that a vault containing any crypto assets on Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain (implemented in alpha version), Polygon, Flow, Cosmos and Polkadot in future releases guarantees the intrinsic value. The capitalisation of the intrinsic value is set to increase each transaction made. Also, it depends on assets pledged inside the NFT (ERC20 or BEP20 tokens, ETH, BNB, LP tokens, any other NFTs).The protocol gives NFT creators and owners the ability to receive royalties independently from marketplaces, even from wallet-to-wallet transfers. Creators are free to use absolutely any NFT to be wrapped on NIFTSY protocol; there is no obligation to mint NFTs on the platform and no commission will be charged. Swarm will be used to store NIFTSY protocol statistics and information, and for users to download and store media utilised in their NFTs.



This project will introduce a portal during online purchases allowing instantaneous deposit of equivalent crypto to dollar, permitting Cryptool to fulfil the payment for you. This extension aims to facilitate the prevalence of DeFi, surpassing any single platform’s limitations for crypto purchases. Cryptool will work as a bank with the aim of increasing crypto’s usability to everywhere online. Swarm’s decentralised nature encourages projects that thrive in the DeFi space, building a wide interoperable ecosystem that will thrive off Cryptool.


DataSpark builds an application layer solution for data supply-demand transactions on the Swarm core. It proposes an innovative architecture of “Data-Base, Data-Source, Data-Core, Data-Usage”, aiming to create a decentralized and distributed supply chain of data to promote the creation of an inclusive artificial intelligence society. Through large-scale deployment of the DataSpark Dapp, global producers and consumers of data are linked, meaning all can become a distributor and beneficiary of their own data. They believe that people will no longer have the need to be part of the data slavery, giving their data in exchange for services. The web3.0 technology based on Ethereum, Swarm, and Whisper provides DataSpark with basic capabilities of smart contracts, data storage, and messaging. DataSpark’s data transmission and storage are realized through APIs such as Swarm Bytes, Chunk, File, and Collection.

DataSpark@DS_Swarm; https://github.com/swarm-dataspark


They aim to be the first online eLearning platform to train and educate eagers and professionals in cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology in the MENA Region. People in Bahrain, UAE and Saudi Arabia lack technical education, and breaking the language barrier down the blockchain space is the first step. By teaming up with the world’s best universities, these regions will successfully have the opportunity to integrate into the crypto world without any outstanding hurdles. The integration of Swarm’s advanced decentralised storage platform is proof of how influential this technology is, and why the aim is to educate all.


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Swarm’s ecosystem of projects is constantly growing. The organization is committed to decentralisation and with every successful new project building on top of Swarm, web 3 is closer to a fair data economy.

Be part of the movement and create your own project on Swarm. Jumpstart it by applying for a Swarm grant. New grant slots will be announced at the upcoming November hackathon called “Into the metaverse”. Follow our social media channels for more information and don’t forget to register for the hackathon.

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